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Events: PMRC New Jersey 2017

January 8, 2017

We were delighted to exhibit and present a paper at the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference 1-2 February in Parsippany, NJ. Tom Nolte, Head of Business Analytics (North America) and Melinda Shorr, Director, represented us at the conference. Tom presented the paper ‘Reinforcing the House: When Behavioral- and Attitudinal-Level Sources Strengthen Segmentation’.

PMRC NJ 2017Increasingly our industry is looking to the “three “S’s” of data: sales, secondary and syndicated as the best and most cost-effective sources to form grounded, reliable segmentations. We can understand why - but it doesn't always hold that what happened in the past will happen in the future, particularly in today's fast changing marketplace.

In Tom’s paper, he considers the insight advantages of combining behavioural and attitudinal data in order to create a more effective segmentation and to establish what can be accomplished by this marriage of information sources.

Contact us today to request a copy of the paper.

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