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Awards & innovation.

We’re an award-winning agency that fosters a culture of innovation.


The world of healthcare is constantly evolving. We apply innovative thinking to every aspect of our business, from research design to delivering insights and recommendations. We investigate, test, and evaluate new technologies, tools, techniques, frameworks, and approaches to find the best research solution to answer your business question.

Our Innovation Institute, championed by our internal steering committee of creative, progressive, and experienced pioneers, aims to foster a highly innovative company culture and strengthen our industry leadership.

The program encourages employees from across our offices to work together in a collaborative and creative environment to develop commercially viable, innovative techniques and methodologies that expand the range of products and services we can offer to our clients.

The Innovation Institute.

The Innovation Institute comprises our annual iFactor competition and multiple hackathon events throughout the year. These initiatives challenge employees to examine all aspects of the business, including:

  • Optimizing internal processes and ways of operating to be more efficient, effective, and flexible
  • Developing research approaches and methodologies that allow us to gain access to previously untapped respondents, open up new layers of conscious and unconscious thought, and unearth more meaningful insights
  • Explore new or better ways of delivering insights to our clients and enabling our clients to use the insights to have a more meaningful impact on business

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