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How we elevated HCP market research engagement and insights using AI avatars for an immersive experience

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Watch the video to find out how we are using AI Avatars in market research:

The challenge

Our client required an effective strategy for promoting discussions about self-paid vaccines with healthcare professionals (HCPs) during patient consultations. The conventional method of conducting market research would typically only deliver insights on the HCPs perspective, but our client was seeking a deeper understanding of genuine HCP/patient interactions to more accurately identify the true triggers for vaccine conversations.

The solution

We conducted 73 web-enabled interviews with HCPs across 5 markets, who had been recommending self-paid vaccines in their consultations in the previous 6 months.

One of our main goals was to develop realistic scenarios that mirror typical patient visits and prompt genuine, immediate responses from HCPs when they come across these patient profiles that may potentially initiate a conversation about self-paid vaccines.

We utilized AI avatars to animate these patient profiles: AI-generated “patients” engage in conversations about their primary health concerns and possible triggers, to gauge whether HCPs would identify them and engage in discussions regarding self-paid vaccines. Additionally, we assessed whether HCPs gave priority to discussing self-paid vaccines amidst the patients’ main health issues.

To enhance the immersive experience for respondents, and make them feel more engaged, we ensured the AI-generated avatars were speaking the respondent’s native language. We collaborated with native speakers to carefully craft the conversations, incorporating well-timed pauses and natural language to resonate with the audience.

The outcomes

Through the use of AI-generated avatars, we crafted a lifelike patient visit experience. The exercise was designed to humanize the interaction and significantly enhance the level of engagement during the interview. This approach provided a positive alternative to the traditional method of reading patient profiles. HCPs were able to grasp the exercise quicker, effortlessly digesting the patient profiles and responding accordingly. This instilled confidence in our client that the HCPs thoroughly examined the patient profiles before providing their responses, which led to more accurate and in-depth insights.

Not only did the responses from HCPs provide valuable information about realistic behaviors and beliefs, our experts were able to identify the key obstacles in initiating a self-paid vaccine conversation, and consequently, develop effective strategies to overcome them.

The use of AI Avatars helped to elevate the research and gain greater engagement from respondents. By harnessing this technology, we can craft more precise simulations that provide invaluable insights into human behavior and empower us to develop highly impactful strategies. Furthermore, this tool can be seamlessly integrated into various studies that necessitate face-to-face interactions, including message testing, detail aid testing, and rep visit simulations.

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