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Analytics & data science.

Using sophisticated tools to uncover the meaning behind the data.

What we do.

Market research provides us with vast amounts of data, but it can be hard to know what to do with it. Advanced analytics techniques allow us to reveal insights which are meaningful and actionable.

Our talented in-house team have in-depth skills in advanced analytics, which they combine with therapeutic knowledge and behavioural science expertise to help uncover the meaning behind the data. In addition, they provide significant input into the development of new research approaches and methodologies to increase our ability to mine the wealth of information available.

How we help you.

To help drive your business forward, our statisticians and advanced analytics experts offer:

Agility, responsiveness and accuracy – Our teams will demonstrate high flexibility and responsiveness to accommodate your urgent business requests with no compromise on quality

No black box – We promise complete transparency on how our teams will work on various analysis and technologies.

Proven experience – Our experienced team have a track record of executing thousands of projects across different clients’ ecosystems.

Technology and artificial intelligence.

Technology and AI have revolutionised the way we can undertake market research, from virtual workshops to augmented reality. We use the latest innovative methodologies and partner with leading AI / Technology companies with cutting-edge platforms to deliver deeper, more actionable insights. These are just some examples of how we are leveraging technology.

  • Emotion analysis – With facial expression and voice analysis we can test the impact of any message, digital interaction or product/service that is supposed to elicit emotional arousal and facial responses.
  • AI-based research tools – We are testing and making use of machine learning tools where appropriate, such as automated survey design, automatic translation and transcription, text analysis tools.
  • AI-based dashboards – AI-powered insights through intelligent dashboards accelerate better business decisions with intelligent search, actionable recommendations, and interactive stories.
  • AI-based segmentation – AI-based algorithms are dynamic and can automatically update segments in a widely changing market based on a customer’s most recent interaction.

Find out more.

To find out more about our analytics and data science capabilities, please contact us.

Our analytics experts.

Richard Goosey

Director, Head of Analytics

About Richard.

Richard leads our in-house advanced analytics team. Based in the UK Headquarters, Richard has over 40 years’ experience in marketing science, analytics and methodology.

He is a Fellow of the Market Research Society and Royal Statistical Society, and is currently the Chief Examiner for the MRS Diploma in Analysing & Interpreting Quantitative Data. Richard is also an invited member of the EphMRA Forecasting Forum.