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Living With.

Syndicated Patient Insights.

What we do.

Living With is a series of reports providing a foundational understanding of the patient journey through real-world patient insights. The reports highlight patients’ emotional needs and treatment challenges for a variety of chronic diseases, helping inform patient-centric clinical and marketing strategies.


Put patients at the center of your market insights by hearing the undiluted patient voice

Obtain an up-to-date understanding of the patient journey, patient language and how they understand their condition

Understand factors influencing patients’ treatment choice and adherence and unmet needs at each stage of the patient journey


Consultancy from our in-house research specialists with results presented upon report delivery

PowerPoint report provided at country or regional level

Our in-house graphic design team create a visual infographic to help bring the research to life, and as an optional extra we can provide a professionally voiced-over animated video summarizing key findings of research in a short and impactful way

Living With reports.

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Experts in Living With.

Mariel Metcalfe

Director, Head of Living With

About Mariel.

Mariel has over 18 years of pharmaceutical market research experience in a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including global tracker research and segmentation. She has worked in a variety of therapy areas including infectious, autoimmune, respiratory and metabolic diseases.

Mariel has extensive experience in patient insights and is committed to bringing the patient voice to life. She has written multiple articles and hosts the ‘Living with Chronic Illness’ podcast which is designed to give a voice to patients suffering from chronic conditions.