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Medical technology.

Specialists in medical devices and technology insights.

What we do.

We provide MedTech with research insights to better understand stakeholder needs, effectively position the brand, and provide the metrics required to demonstrate value.

We can help you identify your product’s value proposition to ensure it’s measurable, marketable, competitive, and credible. We help to ensure your product is seen to offer a positive experience for the healthcare professional and the patient, with value clearly demonstrated to payers and government agencies responsible for public health.

Our dedicated MedTech team has unique regional expertise spanning the US, EU, and APAC. We have a global footprint, with specialties in emerging markets, pricing, and access.


SIMALTO is a powerful yet straightforward choice-modelling tool developed to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches to multi-attribute product research. For our MedTech clients, it recognizes the importance of treating price as a constraint rather than a variable and identifies customers’ minimal expectations as well as the incremental value of improvements or more expensive features.

Procedure Immersion.

Recognizing the challenge of testing concepts outside a lab setting, our Procedure Immersion technique quickly puts the physician at the OR table. The technique is a structured graphic framework that maps a procedure from the time a patient is prepped to closing.

The cues facilitate use of highly technical language and allow the moderator to probe on challenges, pain points, rationale to approach, what’s typical, etc. The beauty of the technique is that it can be applied to online research as well as in-person discussions.

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Our MedTech experts.

Sue Wild

US President

Sue has a distinguished 24-year career in market research. She has previously served as Executive Vice President for a US Healthcare business, led other Global Healthcare Qualitative Centres of Excellence, and served as an in-house client engagement and business development expert.

Sue leads and oversees all of the MedTech and pharma research teams at Research Partnership based in the US, including the Philadelphia, NYC and San Francisco offices.