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Key product launch challenges: Creating a successful product launch

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Watch this webcast, in which our expert panellists discuss common challenges faced during the product launch journey, from pre-launch to keeping the momentum going post-launch. They provide insights on an ever-evolving landscape where data is our compass and discover how leveraging data-driven insights can empower informed decision-making.

Join our experts and gain practical knowledge and best practices on how to launch your product with confidence and excellence.

  • Ryan Quigley, Chief Operating Officer (Moderator)
  • Terri Harchar, Managing Director, Learning and Capability
  • Sese Abhulimen, President Global Decision Optimization
  • Shauna Aherne, President, Medical Excellence
  • Brian Stamm, Executive & Product Launch Service Lead
  • Will Reese, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Scott Briggs, Principal, Value, Pricing & Access

Find out more about Inizio Launch Elevate, where our connected experts unlock, activate and optimize the value of your healthcare innovation at each pivotal moment of your product launch journey.

Watch the webcast.

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