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Behavioral science.

Understand behaviour, biases and heuristics to overcome barriers and drive desired outcomes.

What we do.

We humans may be armed with lots of information and the best intentions, but we still don’t always behave in a rational way. We are driven by subconscious biases and heuristics, which help us deal with the decision-making demands of our busy lives.

Behavioural science is the scientific, evidence-based study of human behaviour in order to influence desired changes.

At Research Partnership, we apply the principles of behavioural science in our market research design and analysis to help you understand the market landscape and how your stakeholders make decisions, as well as to map the patient journey and shape your communications. We provide guidance on how to create interventions that elicit required behaviour.

Analysis and interpretation: The EAST framework.

In our analysis of the insights we use the EAST framework, a simple model based on the key principles of behavioural science theory, to make recommendations on how to drive changes in behaviour to desired outcomes. The framework, developed by a team of behavioural science experts for the UK government, seeks to understand what is limiting desired behaviour and to plan interventions to overcome it.

We use this framework to structure our solution and to guide our recommendations.

Our Research Directors are on hand to help you uncover the biases and heuristics driving unwanted behaviour and help provide guidance on how to change it.

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