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AI in MRX: Harnessing the power of AI + people

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in market research has surged in recent years, with a flow of innovative tools and techniques which have the potential to revolutionize the landscape. But to unlock its true power, it’s the people working with these tools who can really help you get the richer, deeper insights you seek.

Watch the webcast, in which in-house experts from our Innovation Centre of Excellence, Dan Coffin and Sarah Bangs, share how they have been testing and evaluating AI tools to leverage value, whilst still upholding compliance, security and integrity of data. They discuss some exciting examples of how, when you combine the expertise of people with the power of AI, something wonderful can happen.

Learn how to:

  • Embrace the potential of AI tools across the insight spectrum
  • Make use of AI to support and free-up human thought to focus on deeper insights
  • Take a look at some examples of AI in practice, such as:
  • Imbed for success – bring actionability to life for your brand teams
  • Get deeper insight into how your customers perceive your brand with AI analytics
  • Ask questions of your data sets using conversational AI

Watch the webcast

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