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We foster a company culture that encourages new ways of thinking and finding solutions


The world of healthcare is constantly evolving. We apply innovative thinking to every aspect of our business, from research design to delivery of insights and recommendations. We investigate, test and evaluate new technologies, tools and techniques, frameworks and approaches to find the best research solution to answer your business question.

Our Innovation Institute, championed by an internal steering committee, aims to foster a company culture of innovation. The programme encourages employees from across our offices to work together in a creative environment to develop innovative techniques and methodologies that expand the range of products and services we can offer to our clients.

The Innovation Institute comprises our annual iFactor competition and multiple hackathon events that take place throughout the year. These initiatives challenge employees to examine all aspects of the business, including research methodologies, how we conduct research, delivery of outputs and internal processes; in order to optimise current processes and ways of operating to work more efficiently and effectively. The institute also incorporates Research Partnership’s qualitative and quantitative Centres of Excellence, which strive to provide the most intelligent and output-focused research solutions and foster best practice approaches.

As a result of the programme, we now offer our clients a wide range of innovative research solutions including Rx Rationale, In Reality, ChoiceQual, PSP Enhance and emotional analysis. We are currently exploring the use of voice analysis as well virtual and augmented reality technologies. We’re incredibly proud of what our Innovation Institute has achieved so far and in 2019, Research Partnership was awarded runner-up in the ‘Business Impact through Innovation’ category at the EphMRA MR Excellence Awards.

Innovation in #MRX webinar series

Our Innovation in #MRX webinar series covers a range of market research innovations with value in global healthcare. So far, topics have included emotional analysis, time series forecasting, social media listening and novel conjoint approaches. You can access recordings of these webinars below:


Facial analysis was used to evaluate the emotional impact of a disease promotion campaign- Nov 17

Poker face revealed:

Using facial analysis to uncover deeper levels of emotional insight.

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MRX time machine (June 2019)

MRX time machine:

How to use time series forecasting to improve your demand assessment.

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Too much choice

Too much choice?

Cure the headaches of traditional conjoint with novel approaches.

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Harnessing the power of social (Aug 2019)

The power of social:

How to generate fresh insights using social media listening.

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To find out more about the Innovation Institute or to discuss an upcoming project that might benefit from a more innovative approach, please contact us using the below form.