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How we provided in-depth knowledge of electrosurgical generators among target segments and settings in the US market

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The challenge

With a constant rise in demand for minimally viable products and efficiencies across specialties, our client wanted to identify clinician roles and responsibilities, level of engagement, needs, pain points and drivers and barriers with respect to current electrosurgical generators.

The solution

We proposed a hybrid qual-quant approach to address all of the client’s research objectives.

Qualitative phase: We conducted 62 mobile diaries with Physicians, Nurses, Biomeds, and VAC. Discussions were tailored to each respondent type using a “Jobs to be Done” approach, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the customer profiles, customer requirements and pain points.

Following the qualitative research, an in-person workshop over two days using a visual collaboration tool, Mural and break out groups, which encouraged a robust discussion of identifying what areas needed further validation and new areas for confirmation in the next quantitative phase.

Quantitative phase: We conducted 300 online surveys across a robust sample (Physicians, OR Nurses / OR Techs, Biomeds and VAC) to confirm and validate customer requirements and identify the drivers and barriers to purchase a new generator once the current service contract had expired.

Following the quantitative research and augmented by secondary data sources, we developed a forecast model for the electrosurgical generator market for the US and Global markets. The structure included the number of facilities, procedure rooms, generators, replacement sales vs. new based on the average lifespan of generators, the client’s market share and market value.

The outcomes

Through our research we were able to understand the user journey, as well as the pain points and gain points for relevant stakeholders in each stage of the journey. In addition, we identified the customer requirements for a new generator. We helped our client to prioritize customer requirements by ranking them in order of impact and urgency for relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, we garnered current and future trends in healthcare that would have significant impact on the purchase of capital equipment. Finally, we identified barriers and drivers for a switch to a new generator.

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