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How we provided knowledge about surgical generators among target segments and settings in the US market

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The challenge

Our client wanted to understand the customer journey for current and new generators, to establish pain and gain points for relevant stakeholders and garner current and future trends in healthcare that will have significant impact on the purchase of capital equipment.


The solution

We approached the research with a 4-part method to the solution development: explore, discuss, validate and activate. Firstly, we aligned and defined the sample size and composition, then we conducted 1-1 qualitative in-depth interviews to identify and understand customer requirements, whilst also collecting worksheets, mobile diaries and written diary logs for extra exploration.


In the next stage of the research process, we hosted a workshop in which we discussed our findings from the initial stage of the research. We identified similarities and differences between specialists, mapped customer requirements with tech specs, and built hypotheses as a group to explore and validate for the next phase of research.


To validate the results from the initial research stage, we conducted online surveys across a robust sample using SIMALTO which is a powerful, yet straightforward choice-modelling tool developed to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches to multi-attribute product research. We were able to confirm customer requirements and levels of adoption in this quantitative stage. We finally conducted remote workshops with our client to socialize the results.



Final strategic recommendations were developed by considering all elements of the research. We provided our client with a report, helping them to understand:


Value drivers and recommendations:

  • Top generator requirements ranked with impact and urgency
  • Customer pain points and requirements for cables, usability, service, sockets, settings and display
  • Barriers and drivers for desire to switch to a new generator


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