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How segmentation of treaters helped our client with market understanding ahead of their novel product launch in the allergy space

The challenge

Our client developed a novel product for the treatment of Serious Allergic Reactions (SAR) and wanted to obtain an intuitive and actionable segmentation of treaters in this space, in order to form a market understanding.

Research was therefore required to drive market shaping activities ahead of the launch of Product X.

The solution

We proposed a hybrid qual-quant approach to address all the client’s research objectives. Our research started with a definition phase, which was aimed at identifying available data sources, prior research, and collating themes/insights which was used to profile HCPs.

  • Quantitative phase: We conducted 315 online surveys with both adult and pediatric allergists and immunologists, general practitioners and pediatricians. Through latent class segmentation modelling, we were able to generate HCP segments. We made use of patient profiles to provide real-life scenarios which was used as a springboard to understand the full opportunity for the new product and was effective in ensuring that patients were thought of with context in mind vs. descriptors.
  • Qualitative phase: To validate the results from the initial research stage, we conducted TDIs with each of the defined customer segments. This enabled us to provide our client with final validation and further understanding of their future targets.

The last step of our research consisted of a segmentation workshop, which was aimed at exploring the initial customer segments, understand strategic implications (actionability) and create segment names which were meaningful to our client.

The outcomes

Final strategic recommendations were developed by considering all elements of the research. We provided our client with a report, helping them to understand:

  • HCP segments and reactions to SAR treatment
    We identified distinct HCP segments based on attitudes and behaviors to SAR treatment. We also guided our client with the underlying or causative emotions & attitudes that drive behaviors as well as identifying the motivators and strategies for treatment of serious allergic reactions.
  • Drivers and barriers of Product X 
    We provided an understanding of the current barriers and unmet needs to help inform market shaping opportunities for Product X. Additionally, we provided recommendations on its potential for each segment, and how to frame Product X in the most motivational way for each segment.
  • Target audience
    Finally, our client was provided with an intuitive typing tool which helped to identify and target the right customers in order to ensure the success of their product.


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