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How we iteratively tested and refined payer value messages to feed into the global payer value story

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The challenge

Our client was preparing to launch a treatment for a rare disease, Condition X. Research was required to enrich their understanding of the value message trade-off choices and preferences made by payers. The refined value messages would be fed into payer value materials.

The solution

We took a two-phase research approach.


In phase 1, we conducted 75-minute in-depth payer value message testing interviews with payer decision-makers in Europe, Asia and the US.


In order to engage with payers prior to the interviews, respondents were provided with necessary information on the therapy area and asked to complete a 15-minute task to gauge their perceptions of the relevant unmet needs and value drivers. Discussions with payers were used to evaluate value statements, identify gaps in value statement coverage, and rank messages by priority. Following results analysis, a shortlist of value statements were then refined and substantiated.


In phase 2, these refined value messages were tested with a mix of payers and payer-advising KOLs to provide detailed feedback on language, visualization and data credibility.



Through our research we were able to determine payers’ perceptions of unmet needs in the treatment of Condition X as well as payers’ value drivers when considering a new treatment for Condition X. In addition, we identified the optimal key patient group to target with the value story. We established payers’ opinions on the clarity, credibility and relevance of value messages and identified missing data, message refinements and suggestions of value story flow. Finally, we highlighted key payer objections to the value proposition and messaging to inform objection handler development.


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