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How we provided comprehensive real-world patient data for PAH using Therapy Watch, our syndicated market tracking solution

The challenge

PAH is a specific type of pulmonary hypertension, which is a rare condition treated primarily in specialized centers. Our client needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of PAH patients, such as detailed patient demographics, how physicians are escalating treatments, and for which patients. The insights were required in order to strategically position their drug against competitors to maximize market opportunities and drive growth.

The solution

The Therapy Watch team conducted 55-minute online surveys with ~110 Cardiologists and Pulmonologists in the US. To fit the study criteria specialists had to have been personally treating at least 5 PAH patients within the previous 6 months, and we prioritized physicians who worked in PAH-specialist centers. ​

​Physicians provided patient record forms (PRFs) for patients on ERAs, PDE-5 inhibitors, sGC stimulators, or prostacyclin pathway agents. The PRFs covered a range of aspects, including physician and patient demographics, clinical demographics such as key test results, patient referral process, disease status, treatment patterns and drivers, time on treatment, source of business, reasons for treatment choice and drivers for treatment escalation. ​

Due to the high profile of these insights for our client, the Therapy Watch team ran interim reports to keep the client updated and to shape their strategy effectively.

The outcomes

Through our on-going Therapy Watch tracker, we provided our client with real-world patient data to help them make informed and timely commercial and strategic decisions in the PAH space.  Analysis from this robust data set gave our clients confidence in implementing early changes in growth strategy.​

​Insights from the tracker included a detailed analysis around drug performance in the market, and an in-depth understanding of how each drug is positioned to help determine the source of business. Physician behavior and prescribing patterns for PAH-specific agents for the treatment of patients was revealed as well as a thorough understanding around patient characteristics for each treatment and rationale behind treatment choice.​

​To help socialize the insights with internal stakeholders, our client had unlimited user access to the online Therapy Watch PAH dashboard, containing data visualization to bring the insights to life. We also provided user guidelines and training for stakeholders. ​

​Due to the robustness of insights in the tracker, which provided our client with an in-depth understanding of how they should strategically position and grow their drug, the data is being used to submit abstracts to industry leading conferences.

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