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Social listening

Exploring and guiding the online healthcare conversation

As patients and physicians alike increasingly take to social media to share their healthcare experience, so pharma must listen to and join the conversation. Structured social listening helps understand unmet needs, highlight roadblocks in the patient journey and evaluate brand sentiment.

We work with you to define your research objective, scope the project and define data sources, search terms, themes and topics. We can undertake social listening as a stand-alone project or as part of a larger qualitative or quantitative study. Our research teams will work with you to analyse the data, interrogate it further, and if necessary, combine it with additional data sources. We will provide you with insights and a workable action plan for social media engagement.

Our approach: 

1. Identify tools & data sources
Based on research needs, geographies, sources
2. Generate clean data
Deploy keywords to harvest mentions across the social web (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Forums)
3. Conduct thematic analysis
Identify themes and topics surrounding product mentions
4. Derive topic structure
Develop more advanced Boolean strings or manual coding to segment mentions into relevant themes
5. Conduct qualitative & quantitative analysis
And integrate with other research streams

Social listening resources:

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Case study

Find out how we uncovered unmet needs using social media listening.

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Discover how to generate fresh insights for your business using social media listening.

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Director Danielle Christmas discusses the importance of social media for Pharma.

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