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Article: Nudging someone in the right direction isn’t always easy – that’s where behavioural science comes in

Dan Coffin, 2021

Published in PME Magazine

Behavioural scienceAll of us in the industry work hard to achieve one fundamental outcome – to ensure as many patients as possible benefit from the right treatments. But at times like these, where new habits and behaviours are emerging all the time, keeping on top of how best to do that and knowing which buttons to press and how to press them isn’t always easy.

For those of us working in market research, we understand your primary focus is optimising efforts to drive customers toward the brand. We ensure you are well equipped to understand what drives your customers and what needs to be actioned in order to influence their behaviours. For this, we harness the power of behavioural science, the cross-disciplinary, open-minded science of understanding how people behave. We incorporate this not only into our everyday thinking but also our approach to healthcare market research. Essentially, it is about unearthing what truly makes people tick – healthcare professionals, patients, carers, payers or any other stakeholder – and developing tangible actions and interventions to effectively nudge their behaviours to achieve more desirable outcomes.

Right now, there’s an opportunity for marketers to really garner a competitive advantage by identifying novel interventions and solutions to influence behaviour. Take digital health as an example – not only has digital consumption increased exponentially during the pandemic, but stakeholders’ willingness to embrace digital has never been so prevalent. Never has there been such amenableness to change. As such, pharma has needed to accelerate its digital prominence – through digital patient platforms or customer engagement tools – and now the big questions include: how can we best optimise that engagement? How can we improve the impact? How can we maximise those platforms to gain leadership?

Behavioural science will help you to better understand the relationship and engagement that your stakeholders have with digital channels and enable you to develop solutions that enhance their impact. We’ve launched a new best practice guide for applying behavioural science when gathering insights into your customers, markets or therapy areas.

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