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Awards: Research Partnership and Janssen are 2017-18 BOBI Awards finalists

March 1, 2018

BHBIA Awards Finalist 2018We are delighted to announce that an entry submitted by Research Partnership with Janssen has been selected as a finalist in the Best Business Impact category at this year’s BOBI (Best of Business Intelligence) Awards for our combined work in helping to reverse the fortunes of one of their established products, which up until recently had been suffering from declining market growth in the UK.

The ‘Best Business Impact’ category is awarded for insights which have significantly increased a client's understanding of one or more of their target customer groups to inform and positively impact strategic decision-making.

The joint submission ‘Reversing the fortunes of an aging product with a colourful segmentation’ describes how Research Partnership and Janssen worked together to conduct and successfully implement a mindset-centred segmentation across Janssen’s haematology franchise and how the resulting marketing strategy reinvigorated a mature brand. The entry was co-authored by Stephen Ireland, Senior Product Manager at Janssen and Research Partnership's Richard Head and Jenny Redfearn.

Richard Head commented, “We are delighted that this piece of work has been recognised. We worked closely with the Janssen team to create a segmentation that the marketing team used to develop and implement new targeted marketing materials to drive significant growth for the brand.”

The BOBI Awards were launched in 2006 and are the first and only healthcare-specific business intelligence awards scheme in the UK, giving professionals in the industry an opportunity to gain peer recognition for excellence. More information about the awards can be found on the BHBIA website. Judging will take place over the coming weeks and results will be announced at the BHBIA annual conference in May.

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