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Is your brand tracker keeping pace?

It’s time to make the switch.

Tracking is essential to ensuring a successful brand. But as markets continuously change, it’s imperative that your tracker keeps pace. If it’s no longer giving you the insights you need to make strategic business decisions with confidence, it may be time to make the switch to a company that can deliver.

At Research Partnership, we are brand tracking experts and have successfully completed over 400 multi-country studies, some very large and some particularly complex.

We are often asked by clients to migrate their tracking program from an incumbent to Research Partnership and are well versed in the steps required to make the switch a successful one.

Our size and expertise ensure we can handle your research needs, no matter the complexity or scale:

  • Dedicated quantitative tracking team
  • Experts in data visualization and analytics and data science
  • Highly effective project management process
  • Intelligent recruitment strategies using in-house field team and access to a global network of approved suppliers
  • In-depth therapy area and consultancy expertise across multiple disease areas
  • Global and emerging market specialists
  • Our three-step transition process ensures the research design, analysis, and reporting maximizes prior-wave consistency and allows for wave-on-wave comparison while delivering a more robust and reliable tracking program that successfully meets the needs of the business and all key stakeholders.

We will ensure your new tracker is both agile and flexible, keeps pace with the market, and gives you the edge you need to accelerate your brand performance.

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