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How we seamlessly transitioned a global brand tracker from an incumbent provider to deliver fresh insights

The challenge

Our client wanted to track how target prescribers, as well as other pharmaceutical companies active in their therapy areas of interest, perceived them through the measurement of specific KPIs in order to inform their multichannel communications strategy.

They had already run a few waves of research with another supplier, however, they felt they were lacking the insights they needed. They were looking for a new market research partner who could bring fresh ideas and new approaches as well as provide more strategic direction on how to disseminate and action the insights.

The solution

Our three-step transition process was used to move their brand tracking program from the incumbent provider to Research Partnership in such a way that it did not risk data comparability.

Step 1 – Questionnaire: Reviewed and refreshed the research design while maintaining consistency and ensuring comparability of KPIs

Step 2 – Data: Accessed and checked previous research to ensure continuation of data and retrospectively applied advanced analytical techniques

Step 3 – Reporting: Provided strategic, actionable insights by creating more visually impactful deliverables that conveyed a clear message and improved the storytelling of the previous reports.

We conducted over 2000 quantitative online surveys with a mix of HCP types including Pulmonologists, GPs, Pediatricians, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists, Dentists, ENTs, Psychiatrists, Urologists, Allergists and Preventative Health Professionals in multiple global markets including a range of emerging markets such as Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia, and Vietnam.

The outcomes

Using our experience in transitioning existing brand trackers, we were able to ensure the switch in provider was seamless and delivered a reliable tracking program that could successfully meet the needs of the team. Focusing on multichannel communication, our research approach helped our client to understand the following issues:

  • Patient load in specific therapy areas
  • Brand awareness and prescribing behavior
  • Sales force recall and performance
  • Medical scientific meeting participation
  • Multichannel activities evaluation

The data and strategic recommendations that we provided through a range of creative outputs assisted our client in understanding the effectiveness of their multichannel communications across promotional, educational and support activities and identified areas where course correction would result in a greater return on investment.

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