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How we helped to optimize the positioning for a new digital solution

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The challenge

Our client wanted to assess the target personas they should consider in order to enhance their lead generation and positioning for their digital solution.

The solution

To really understand the target personas, we conducted qualitative telephone interviews with Pharmaceutical Executives via a virtual platform. A total of 49 respondents were filtered through screener questions, and 21 qualified for the study. The screener questions were aimed at identifying whether the respondent’s organisation was at least defining a strategy with regards to AI or algorithms designed to identify undiagnosed patients and whether this was an area of high priority within the organisation. Our questioning assessed current sentiment towards AI/algorithms, desired outcomes and thoughts about the future:

  • Incoming mindset
  • Deployment: challenges, strategies & desired outcomes
  • Reaction to vision / value statements
  • Evaluation of the solution

Final strategic recommendations were developed by considering all elements of the research. We provided our client with a report comparing different channels, helping them to understand:

Target persona and strategies

  • Persona priorities which could be important allies in applying the solution to best benefit the brand, company, patient and provider
  • AI-driven diagnostic algorithms with new treatments

Challenges and outcomes

  • Key challenges in deploying algorithm into medical practice and conducting successful clinical evaluations around deployed algorithm
  • Reasons why pharma companies are not confident in their own ability to deploy and ways to overcome challenges in order to ensure growth in revenues

Solution concept and value statements

  • Demonstrate ways in which the solution could address key unmet needs and finally, we analyzed the value statements and how they were perceived by our client’s target audience

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