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How we helped determine the ideal omnichannel communication strategy

The challenge

Our client recognized that the way physicians want to be communicated with by pharma is shifting, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This research was required to identify the most effective communication strategy moving forward in terms of channel mix (both traditional and digital) and content to engage key stakeholders

The solution

The research design had 3 key pillars:

  • Cross-market virtual KOL trios
  • Individual interviews with retinal specialists and ophthalmologists
  • Semi-quantitative pre-task around current and desired use of various channels

The KOL trios were the ideal setting for discussion and debate around changes needed to communication strategies in the wake of COVID from an expert point of view. KOLs were able to comment at the macro level about how interactions should and were likely to shift in the future.

The individual interviews focused more on individual preferences for communication, both in terms of preferred channel and in terms of content and frequency, and the benefits / drawbacks of any changes to communication since the pandemic began. The pre-task aided discussion and painted a broader picture of how various channels were being used in the market place.

Markets: 5EU, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, USA

The outputs

The pre-task combined with the interview enabled us to inform our client about how various communication channels are currently being used, including shift since COVID-19. We were also able to identify drivers and barriers for use of the various traditional and digital channels.

Ultimately the research enabled us to recommend the best channel mix in terms of digital vs. traditional channels, and how use of each of these channels can be optimized in terms of frequency and content of communication to maximize impact of the communication strategy.

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