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Understanding changing digital behaviors: Insights needed for an effective omnichannel strategy

Pre-COVID, the traditional sales rep model, although still dominant, was losing momentum amid tighter regulatory scrutiny and doctor disengagement. During the pandemic, pharma has had to pivot overnight to virtual rep visits, and place increased focus and investment on other digital channels to maintain engagement.

As the world continues to open up, what model should pharma expect post-pandemic – a return to the traditional approach or some sort of hybrid model, taking the best of in-person and digital engagement? And with retail and tech giants setting an expectation amongst consumers for a seamless and integrated experience across multiple channels, can pharma deliver a similar sophisticated omnichannel experience to its customers?

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the changing digital health engagement landscape and the critical success factors in the development of an effective, sustainable omnichannel strategy
  • Learn how market research can be used for technographic profiling and omnichannel evaluation
  • Identify key online influencers and consider their role as the new breed of key opinion leader in digital customer engagement

Watch this webcast in which research experts, Colin Tan and Callum McCulloch , explore the impact of COVID on the changing digital behaviors of healthcare stakeholders, and considers what impact this is having on evolving omnichannel marketing strategy. They will also demonstrate how market research can highlight important differences in customers’ channel needs and preferences. Finally, they will introduce us to the new breed of online influencers – physicians and specialists with a huge following and the power to educate and influence the medical community. Demonstrating how to profile, map and engage with these physicians so that pharma can guide the online conversation in channels where they have less control.

Watch the webcast.

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