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How we enhanced the power of a global ATU using our advanced analytics solution, Equity AI

The challenge

Following the successful transition of a multi-brand tracker from an incumbent provider, our client wanted to enhance the power of their ATU for their entire haematology portfolio. In addition to understanding their market share, they were looking to move towards a brand equity-based customer engagement model in order to address their brand objectives and deliver more actionable direction for future marketing activity for the brand teams.

The solution

We conducted over 200 online interviews with physicians across Europe to understand:

  • Adoption and usage
  • Switching behaviour and rationale
  • Clinical performance
  • Non-clinical performance
  • Predicted future intent to use
  • Sales rep activity and message recall

To provide a more holistic understanding of brand equity and a forward indication of potential market share, we used our advanced analytics solution, Equity AI.

Equity AI is a competitive behavioral economics model, which links the impact of messaging and a range of other marketing elements to brand equity to provide more accurate and predictive insight into how and where to grow future market share opportunity. It takes into consideration a more encompassing range of brand touchpoints, both the rational (tangible) and emotional (intangible), that drive brand loyalty to calculate ‘brand stock’ and overall preference within the minds of customers.

The outputs

By using our Equity AI solution to enhance the power of the ATU study, now a brand equity study, we were able to compare brand equity and dynamic share to identify opportunities and threats to each of our clients’ brands. Our advanced analytics team then utilised AI and predictive modelling to develop an interactive simulator that mapped out loyalty influences and where to focus future marketing efforts to drive share. The programme was able to show the potential changes in brand equity if ratings of certain attributes changed, enabling our client to determine how addressing the different “levers” impacted brand equity and focus on the areas that would make a real difference to their brand performance.

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