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Enhance the power of your ATU with a measure of the brand’s future growth potential.

Brand equity is the ultimate measure of your brand’s health.

By measuring the value your brand generates in the minds of your customers, you can focus on the most influential KPIs that are known to have a tangible effect on brand health, helping you to create a strategic roadmap for future success.

As the landscape continues to evolve and competition intensifies, leveraging the utility of brand equity will become essential to increasing future market share and driving growth.

Equity AI is our unique and innovative advanced analytics solution that will help you accelerate your brand performance by measuring the unrealized market opportunity and growth potential.

Through a proprietary framework integrating the power of behavioral science and artificial intelligence, Equity AI provides health and life science companies with a holistic brand performance measurement tool that will deliver the insights required to:

  • Power decision-making
  • Increase brand equity
  • Optimise brand success
  • Realize market opportunity
  • Benchmark brand performance
  • Enhance competitive advantage

Brand Equity.

Brand equity is a function of brand preference and perception. Brand preference is driven by overall ‘satisfaction’ – the higher your satisfaction the higher your preference and your ‘future intention’ to use the brand. Brand perception is driven by how likely customers advocate a brand based on all their experiences with the brand – “this is a brand I would recommend to a colleague”.

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