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Ensuring an actionable segmentation

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A segmentation study comes with high visibility and high stakes across your sales and marketing teams and the wider organization. One of the most consistent issues market researchers face with segmentation is ensuring that it is actionable. Even the best constructed and well-observed segmentation solution will fall down if people within your company don’t adopt it, and the most detailed and comprehensive (and expensive) segmentation is of no use if it isn’t implemented.

Complete the form below to watch the webcast in which quantitative experts Rebecca Davies and Richard Newman, utilize their knowledge and experience of conducting global segmentations for pharma, to explore the following key segmentation challenges.

  • Conducting global segmentations: The benefits and potential pitfalls of conducting global segmentation research
  • Encouraging internal buy-in: Examining the best techniques to ensure that a segmentation is adopted by key internal stakeholders.
  • Ensuring sales force execution: Identifying the key challenges that prevent successful execution and explore the ways in which researchers can overcome these issues and ensure an actionable segmentation


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