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Demand assessment: Quantify the market opportunity by reflecting real-world choices

Quantifying the market opportunity and understanding the realistic demand for a new product or service is central to many of your commercial decisions and critical for informing brand strategy.

There is however no “one size fits all” approach to conducting demand assessments. The best studies utilize a methodology that is appropriate to the product in development, the market in which it will launch, and which gives respondents the most realistic experience.

In this webcast, Richard Goosey, Head of Analytics, and quantitative expert, Will Tolley demonstrate all this and more utilizing knowledge and experience garnered from Research Partnership’s 25 years of conducting global quantitative research studies.

What are the takeaways?

  • Effective methodologies: Learn how to select the most appropriate approach to ensure an effective demand assessment methodology is achieved
  • Framing the question: Find out how to gain maximum insight through best-practice questionnaire design and by making tasks more realistic for respondents
  • Enhancing research design: Observe how, by applying the principles of behavioral science with techniques including ‘Journey to the future’, gamification, and demand calibration, you can better understand real-world behavior
  • Successful implementation: Discover the range of creative deliverables that can help you to better understand the key insights and use them more strategically
  • Case study examples: Hear how we overcome various research challenges and produce findings that better reflect real-world choices using several case study examples
  • Q&A: Gain answers to your demand assessment questions

Watch the webcast

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