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How we assessed demand and competition for a novel digital implantable therapeutic

The challenge

Our client wanted to prepare a US forecast by demonstrating demand under specific clinical profiles for their implant product in the treatment of diabetes, identify the commercial contingencies and assumptions versus a competitor with an alternative method of administration.

The solution

We conducted 30-minute online surveys with a mix of endocrinologists and primary care physicians across the US. Respondents were asked to complete 4 x 40-min pre-tests using fixed product profiles.

We carried out key driver analysis to determine the degree to which perceptions of products/regimens (brand equity) influence the share of prescribing for those products. Correspondence mapping was carried out to understand the overall structure of the market and how the brands differentiate from each other across the range of attributes.  These are constructed from the performance rating scales used to evaluate brands. A calibration for overstatement was carried out to calculate realistic preference shares.

The outputs

The results of the research allowed the client to:

  • Estimate impact of competitor entrant on market and expected uptake
  • Estimate likelihood to prescribe, place, or both for the novel implant, as well as the demand for different dosing devices
  • Estimate time to trial and adoption for target HCPs, preference share and source of business for the product
  • Develop a GTM strategy for the product

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