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Pharmaceutical companies strive to develop the most effective communication assets for their brands in order to maximize their impact. The challenge though is in identifying the messages and concepts that will have the greatest impact and influence with customers.

While there is now an appreciation of the subconscious behavioral biases that influence how we respond to marketing, many pharmaceutical companies are still developing and testing the majority of their communication campaigns based on more traditional insight gathering.

At Research Partnership, we have developed a behavioral science-led framework incorporating new AI technologies that ensures you get a true reflection of how your communications materials are consumed and processed by customers. watch this webcast to learn about the various components of this new approach and how each of them offered complementary benefits for a recent client who was looking to evaluate their creative concepts.

What you will learn

  • How innovative new technologies can complement traditional research techniques to provide a truer, multi-dimensional picture of how marketing communications perform with the target audience
  • How a new, behavioral science-led approach to communications research can take into account both instinctive and considered thinking as well as other behavioral biases to provide a more holistic evaluation of marketing materials
  • How to make use of AI, facial analysis and implicit response techniques to gain a 360-degree view of communications performance and how this can overcome the limitations of conducting market research remotely in a post-pandemic era

Research Partnership is delighted to offer free attendance to watch this webcast. However, in order to attend, you will need to register with your company email address.

Watch the webcast.

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