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An interactive collection of case studies that outline how we effectively apply the principles of behavioral science in healthcare market research.

Behavioural Science theory, the scientific study of human behavior, has become a buzzword in commercial and social sectors for helping shape desired outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised public awareness of the discipline, with all of us becoming quasi-experts in ‘behavioral interventions’ and ‘nudges’ as a means of encouraging us to do the right thing.

As market researchers our goal has always been to acquire deep human understanding. Armed with a knowledge of why people do what they do, we can help businesses make better, more informed decisions on brand strategy.

At Research Partnership, we apply key tenets of behavioral science theory routinely into our research design, using a range of simple but effective frameworks in our reporting and analysis.

In this report, we are delighted to share with you a curated collection of behavioral science case studies, with examples drawn from across global pharmaceutical, MedTech and market access research. Although regulatory and compliance restrictions remain a challenge in the environment we are in, these studies demonstrate how behavioral science can be leveraged to better understand people’s decision-making process and deliver fresh thinking and innovative solutions to some common challenges faced by the life sciences industry.

Read the report.

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