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Medical technology

Specialists in medical devices and technology

We have a wealth of experience with medical devices and systems, which includes surgical tools and implants, patient/caregiver administration devices, scanners, IT systems, robotics, AI, diagnostics and telemedicine, as well as SCT and gene therapy technologies

The way MedTech products are developed, tested and marketed has changed. In the US, a shift from a fee-for-service model to value-based care means that, like many EU markets, products must fit within the framework of a new paradigm.

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We provide MedTech with research insights to better understand stakeholder needs, effectively position the brand and provide the metrics required to demonstrate value.

We can help you identify your product’s value proposition to ensure it is measurable, marketable, competitive and credible. We help to ensure your product is seen to offer a positive experience for the healthcare professional and the patient, with value clearly demonstrated to payers and government agencies responsible for public health.

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Our dedicated MedTech team has unique regional expertise spanning the US, EU and APAC. We have a global footprint, with specialisms in emerging markets, pricing and access.

Our areas of MedTech expertise:

High-cost capital equipment IT systems
  • Scanners and diagnostic equipment (radiology scanners, endoscopy towers, etc.)
  • Furnishing and exam equipment (dental chairs, ophthalmology equipment, etc
  • EUIs/operating systems/ data storage systems (e.g. digital devices, endowriters, EMR)
  • Adherence tracking packs/ software
  • Telemedicine platforms
Lower cost capital equipment & disposables Patient use devices
  • Digital IV drip monitors, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, etc.
  • Disposable components and single use devices
  • Retail products – e.g. digital sublingual thermometers
  • Rx via retail pharmacies – e.g. insulin in a pen
  • Specialty pharmacy products – e.g. IVIg pumps
Surgical implants Surgical/procedural systems and tools
  • Cardiac pacemakers, joint replacements, etc.
  • Combination implants – e.g. stents, contraceptives
  • Morcellators, debriders, monopolar/bipolar electrode resection devices
  • Robotics
  • Scopes and procedural accessories

Types of research

Human Factor Studies
Human factor research is crucial to measuring and understanding quality of care and the user/patient experience. We conduct design and usability studies using simulations and models to test, validate and optimise products and any associated Apps and IT systems.

We also analyse risk and safety-in-use. We can carry out studies with multiple stakeholders and employ highly skilled and experienced moderators to ensure research is carried out safely and effectively.

Examples of needs met: Methods:
  • Product design and usability research
  • Introduction of new product/product update
  • Verification/validation
  • Optimisation/further development
  • Related apps and IT systems
  • Risk Analysis/Safety-in-Use - e.g. usage context, adherence, training, PI testing
  • Typically qualitative one-on-one; may be iterative/semi-iterative and ethnographic methods may be appropriate
  • Often semi-structured
  • May be quantitative or have quantitative follow-up
  • Where the end user is a patient or caregiver, safety-in-use studies are typically conducted in person

SIMALTO is a powerful, yet straightforward choice-modelling tool developed to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches to multi-attribute product research. For our MedTech clients, it recognises the importance of treating price as a constraint rather than a variable and identifies customers’ minimal expectations, as well as the incremental value of improvements or more expensive features.

Procedure Immersion
Recognising the challenge of testing concepts outside a lab setting, our Procedure Immersion technique quickly puts the physician at the OR table. The technique is a structured graphic framework that maps a procedure from the time a patient is prepped to closing.

The cues facilitate use of highly technical language and allow the moderator to probe on challenges, pain points, rationale to approach, what’s typical etc. The beauty of the technique is that it can be applied to online research as well as in-person discussions.

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Sabera Hyderally

Head of MedTech Division

Sabera has over 27 years' experience in healthcare market research, with 15 of those years dedicated to the global medical device and diagnostic market. Through her career, she's been instrumental in spearheading SIMALTO to her MedTech clients, as an alternative to traditional conjoint to better inform true customer behaviour under realistic cost constraints.