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Global reach

We specialise in managing global market research programmes, in both traditional and emerging markets

From our six global offices in Europe, the USA and Asia we conduct research in over 45 countries worldwide. We’ve delivered projects of all sizes, from a 24-market quantitative study with over 1,500 physicians to four in-depth interviews with payers in China.

Being independent means we are free to use the best suppliers from a vast network. We work in partnership with local experts to give you global market insights you can trust.

Our emerging markets team will help you leverage the markets with high potential for growth. In BRIC and beyond, our experts will work with you at key stages in the research process, arming you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Emerging Markets »

  • Opportunity Assessment for a Rare Disease Product in Emerging Markets

    Our client wanted to determine how to maximise the commercial opportunities for a product indicated for a rare disease in a range of emerging markets

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    Using mobile “diary” research to capture patient-generated insights in COPD

    Research Partnership wanted to test the value and functionality of an app-based data collection tool which would give patients control of the market research interaction, and consequently deliver greater insights at key moments in the patient journey.

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    Evaluating the potential of a pre-launch product in a real-life setting

    Our client was developing a new product for treating Type 2 diabetes, which they were preparing for launch. In an increasingly competitive diabetes market, with new brands and formulations frequently becoming available, our client needed to determine the unmet needs of current type 2 diabetes patients and identify where the greatest opportunity lay for their new product.

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  • Our latest videos
    Demand assessment research

    Head of Business Analytics Tom Nolte and Associate Director Will Tolley discuss demand assessment research including the various techniques and when in a product's stage of development should a demand assessment study be conducted.  Find out more about our experience and expertise in brand tracking » Sign up to receive Rapport Rapport is our e-newsletter and online resource for sharing our expertise and experience in global…

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    20 questions: Round 4

    As it's our 20th year anniversary, we invited our employees to play our version of 20 questions - this month "What’s been the funniest thing to happen to you whilst you’ve been at Research Partnership?" Find out more about who we are »  

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    Taking a hybrid qualitative-quantitative approach to research

    US Directors Phil Rosenberg and Chris Gaj discuss ways to achieve qualitative insights with quantitative precision and the benefits of a hybrid approach. Find out more about our experience in qualitative research »Find out more about our experience in quantitative research »  

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