Benefits and uses

Insights for every stage of the product lifecycle

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Therapy Watch can provide you with invaluable market intelligence from early-stage development through to launch and beyond.


Market dynamics
Understand the dynamics of the marketplace and likely impact of new entrants

Opportunity sizing
Understand the potential size of the market for a new asset

Patient journey
Understand how patients are currently treated and previous medication


Source of new business
Identify which products you are winning new business from

Product positioning
Determine line of therapy for each product

Competitive profiling
Understand physicians perceptions on reasons for choosing


Patient profiles
Determine whether products ‘own’ a specific patient type

Patient market share
Track total patient share and dynamic patient share over time

Line of therapy
Identify which products are being positioned in which line of therapy

Source of business
Quantify patient numbers switched onto a product and from where

Loss of exclusivity:

Impact of generics
Determine levels of generic penetration

Switch dynamics
Identify if patients have switched from originator to generic product

Product performance
Measure and track the market dynamics

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Helen Parfitt

Director, Head of Therapy Watch

Helen has over 20 years' experience in the healthcare industry including client-side roles in sales, training and pharmaceutical product management and agency roles in commercial effectiveness and globally syndicated data. Her research experience spans all markets and covers a wide range of therapy areas.