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<h1>Smart Analyst</h1>

Syndicated insights

Smart Analyst syndicated reports offer up-to-the-minute insights on the global market landscape within oncology and immunology using comprehensive secondary data collection, research and analysis.

  • Obtain a forward-looking perspective and expert views on each therapy area, in order to shape commercial and clinical decisions for pipeline assets and BD opportunities
  • Stay up-to-date with regular insights delivered after key conferences
  • Understand how the competitive dynamics would impact the treatment paradigm in the coming 2-3 years
  • Acquire comprehensive foundational data with rich clinical data and insights
  • Keep track of the market landscape and its impact on strategic decisions
  • Get a global perspective, based on ongoing monitoring of scientific progress in the area and capture implications on the future thresholds for differentiation for new market entrants
  • Consolidate key insights and data in one concise report – and avoid internal “fire drills” accessing data
  • Get a presentation-ready format in Powerpoint which you can easily cut-and-paste data and slides into your own presentations

    In addition, our Oncology Navigator tool provides a unique proprietary platform that collects and links outcomes to granular clinical programs and program design.

Our reports and services:

Oncology in APAC (Jan 2018)

Oncology Tumor Insights

Data-driven insights into the future market dynamics for nearly 40 tumors.

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Immuno-oncology (Nov 2016)-1

Immunology Insights Series

Forward-looking insights into autoimmune & chronic inflammatory diseases.

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Oncology Navigator

Unique proprietary platform that collects and links outcomes after key conferences. 

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Spotlight on CD image (2)-1

Spotlight on Crohn's Disease

An overview of the emerging treatment landscape. 

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UC spotlight image Feb 2023 (2)

Spotlight on Ulcerative Colitis

An overview of the emerging treatment landscape. 

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Spotlight on MG (2)-1

Spotlight on Myasthenia Gravis

An overview of the emerging treatment landscape. 

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Brendan Langan

Senior Commercial and Strategy Director

Brendan has over 20 years’ of progressive experience serving as a partner to stakeholders in life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare. His research experience spans all facets of qualitative and quantitative primary market research, competitive intelligence, secondary and syndicated research.