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Tell the story uncovered in the research with creative outputs and data visualisation

Stories are powerful - they allow us to absorb and retain information a lot more readily. Stories are memorable - our brains are wired to respond to them. Stories which are visual are even more engaging. Within the pharmaceutical industry, there is an increasing need for market research teams to share the insights with their key internal stakeholders, from marketing and brand managers to sales reps and senior management. These audiences don’t have the time to review long PowerPoint presentations created by the market research agency. They demand short, engaging outputs which tell the insight story. Our in-house graphic design capabilities allow us to deliver a range of multi-media outputs including animations, film and infographics which turn the data into a clear narrative.

Storytelling infographic


Our storytelling infographic highlights the benefits of storytelling and the role that it can play in enhancing healthcare market research insights. 

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Our storytelling animation, narrated by Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael outlines how we use the art of storytelling using data visualisation techniques to bring insights to life.

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We invited our in-house Graphic Designer Amanda Brent to tell us about the range of visualisation tools available and explain how these can be used to deliver enhanced market research deliverables. 

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Storytelling webinar image - Nov 2020


In this webcast we share our approach to data storytelling with the use of interactive tools and creative outputs. We focus on ways to elevate popular research programmes such as understanding the patient journey, segmentation and brand tracking.

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Amanda Brent

Head of The Studio

Amanda has over 10 years’ experience in media and design. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various media including print, digital, film and animation and a passion for good data visualisation. Amanda leads the creative services design team and is highly skilled at turning complex data and information into engaging outputs and insightful intelligence. Prior to joining Research Partnership, Amanda worked in the film and TV industry as a graphic designer and animator.