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Report: Digital health playbook

The global pandemic significantly accelerated digitalisation across the entire healthcare ecosystem, with the uptake of digital health tools seeing steady growth in recent years.

With our strategic insights, we are supporting the digital transformation of healthcare. In this new framework, containing assets, tools, and market research solutions, we help you find answers to the new business questions.

Download this report to:
  • Learn about our branded products including:
    • Tech Type (technographic profiling)
    • Influencer ID (KOI mapping)
    • Conference Live (virtual and in-person congress evaluations)
    • Expert UX (UX research)
    • PSP Enhance (patient support programme evaluations)
    • Emotion AI (measuring emotional reactions to stimuli)
    • Future Framing (previously Journey to the future)
    • Choice Qual (optimising product attributes qualitatively)
  • Gain an understanding of our insight accelerators, which include approaches such as Behavioural Science, Advanced analytics, Ethnography and Agile for deployment in the design of custom research to enhance the insights
  • Discover our range of digital health case studies and propriety methods to help you understand stakeholders' digital needs and preferences, and design effective products



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