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How we assessed the access potential of a new product in order to develop a successful launch strategy

How we assessed the access potential of a new product in order to develop a successful launch strategy

Our client had two regimens in clinical development for the front-line treatment of an oncology condition using a breakthrough product; and planned to release outcomes data at key industry events throughout the year.

The challenge
To ensure a fast and successful launch they wanted to develop key strategies to maximise acceptance and reimbursement of their product amongst HCPs and Payers. 

The solution
Focus groups were conducted with payers and payer-advising KOLs from across Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK to understand the clinical perceptions of each regimen and how the product was valued in comparison to emerging agents. In addition they were asked to discuss what their perspectives were with regard to reimbursement and access potential, and what would motivate them to consider the product in the future – including any additional data they would desire to improve access.

The outcome
Findings from the research allowed us to provide strategic recommendations which focused on how our client could develop a launch strategy that would more effectively motivate payers to reimburse and HCPs to prescribe their product. We were able to provide insights into how payers would react to the clinical data in each market, what impact competitor products would have on pricing and reimbursement of the two regimens, and how the product sequencing and launch timings would impact the price and access of the product combinations.

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