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London employees enjoy annual summer day out 2022

October 3, 2022


This year’s summer day was action-packed! Our London team participated in a Zorb football tournament and a nostalgic school sports day!

We started the day by meeting at King House Sports Ground in Chiswick, where we had some refreshments to get us ready for the day ahead. We were all split into teams and kicked off with a Zorb football knockout tournament. Teams bumped, rolled and laughed their way through numerous matches and created some great memories.

Staying in our teams, we were then hit with a wave of nostalgia as we participated in a school sports day! Activities ranged from welly boot-throwing to the traditional egg and spoon race. Teamwork was the word of the day as we all had to work together to overcome obstacles and complete the games successfully. The sports day was great fun and a perfect opportunity for us all to socialise with various departments and get to know our recent new starters. After the active morning, we were then treated to a well-earned barbeque and some celebratory drinks, followed by the announcement of the sports day winners!

The fun didn’t end there, everyone was invited for a drink at a local pub where we all enjoyed some well-earned refreshments. A great way to end another successful summer day out in London!

You can check out our reel from the day on our Instagram page.

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