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RP US employees awarded Intellus Young Professionals Grant

March 21, 2022

We’re delighted to announce that Stephanie Chell,  Julia Jones, Jacob Berexa, and Nirajana Tripathy have all been awarded the Intellus Young Professionals Grant, enabling them to
attend the annual conference later this month.

IWW YPs- newThe scheme awards researchers under the age of 35 years or with less than seven years in the healthcare marketing research industry the opportunity to attend
on-going webinars, in-person meet ups, and
conference sessions this autumn.

Stephanie Chell is a Research Analyst who joined Research Partnership in September 2021, having graduated from Ursinus College where she majored in biochemistry and molecular biology and minored in neuroscience.

Julia Jones is a Research Executive who joined Research Partnership in January 2021 as a Research Analyst. Julia graduated from Bryn Mawr, with a focus on Environmental Studies. While studying at Bryn Mawr, Julia became an Innovations Fellow through Haverford College’s Innovation Program Incubator, developing an app that connects ambitious and capable students with professionals in their field of interest for mutual benefit.

Jacob Berexa is a Senior Research Executive and joined Research Partnership in July 2021. Jacob holds a M.S.Ed. in Intercultural Communication from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on interactional sociolinguistics and qualitative/ethnographic research methods. Jacob also completed a B.A. at Penn where he majored in South Asia Studies with a minor in Linguistics. 

Nirajana Tripathy is a Research Executive and joined Research Partnership in December 2021. Nirajana has a background in public health and epidemiology, and has worked in various research roles in consultancy, university, hospital, and non-profit settings. Before joining Research Partnership, Nirajana’s experience focused on managing and providing research/evaluation support for organisations funded through federal grants.

Mary Assimakopoulos, Director, added, “Encouraging our growing pool of young researchers to develop and improve their skills is something we are incredibly passionate about at Research Partnership. Intellus has a strong heritage as a leading professional organisation for healthcare insights professionals, attracting clients and healthcare market researchers from around the world. The grants will provide our employees with a chance to network, share experiences, challenge themselves and learn from their fellow researchers about key industry issues.”

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