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Research Partnership ranks in top 25 UK market research agencies

December 15, 2020

The UK’s best performing market research agencies were revealed this month with the publication of Research Live’s Industry Report for 2020, which includes the latest Market Research Society (MRS) League Tables. Based on available 2019 financial data that was compiled and analysed in November 2020, the MRS league tables identify and rank the best-performing research agencies and businesses according to their UK-based turnover and by their year-on-year growth.


Achieving £33.25 million in sales from our UK business, Research Partnership ranked 23rd in the top individual agencies and is the UK’s largest individual healthcare consulting specialist. With a growth rate for the year of 8.4%, Research Partnership has been ranked 16th in the top 20 fastest-growing individual agencies.

Joint Founding Director Mark Jeffery commented, “We are delighted that Research Partnership continues its steady rise in the rankings. Last year we increased our headcount from 191 to 216 with appointments made across our US offices, UK headquarters and Singapore office. We’ve seen growth in both our market research and market access services, and a broadening of our client base across the pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech sectors.”

For the full Research Live Industry Report 2021 go to research-live.com/industryreport

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