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Research Partnership appoints new CEO

January 9, 2023

GarethResearch Partnership has appointed Gareth Phillips to take over as CEO, effective today. The two co-founding Directors, Mary Assimakopoulos and Mark Jeffery, are taking a step back from the operational running of the business, although they will remain on the Senior Management Team in an advisory capacity.   

Research Partnership was acquired by Inizio last year and sits within the Advisory business unit. Inizio is a strategic partner for health and life sciences that unites a full suite of advisory, medical, marketing, communications, and patient and stakeholder engagement services.

Gareth was previously UK Managing Director and Head of EMEA for Ipsos, one of the world’s leading market research companies. He brings with him a wealth of global experience, having spent 25 years in healthcare market research working with IMS Health (now IQVIA) and Synovate Healthcare before it was acquired by Ipsos. At Synovate, he held roles based in the US, UK and Asia, and was the company’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific at the time of integration into Ipsos. Whilst at Ipsos, he spearheaded a transformation of the healthcare business in Europe, leading them to achieve consistent high growth over the past decade, and growing the team in London to more than 250 people.

Commenting on his appointment, Gareth said, “I am delighted and honoured to be taking on the role as CEO. I have long admired Research Partnership as a leader in the global healthcare market research space and look forward to building on the incredible success that Mark and Mary have achieved in the last 25 years.”

Previous co-Founding Director Mark Jeffery adds, “Gareth is a highly regarded figure in healthcare market research, and with him, we know that the company is in safe hands. We are confident that he will continue the strong growth that the company has enjoyed since its inception in 1997. We wish him every success.”

Gareth will report to Colin Stanley, President of Inizio Advisory. 

To find out more about Inizio and Inizio Advisory, please visit: www.inizio.health 

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