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Events: MRS Insights from the Metaverse 2023

January 31, 2023

We were delighted to present a paper at this year’s MRS Insights from the Metaverse Conference on Thursday 19th January. Senior Director, Richard Head co-presented ‘How market research must keep up with digital innovation’ with Yuuki Ochiai (EMEA Market Research Manager, Janssen) and Thomas Harwood (Account Director, Ashfield MedComms)

MRS-league-tablesIn their presentation, they walked delegates through a recent market research project that tested two newly developed interactive, online environments, one designed for healthcare practitioners and the other for Multiple Myeloma patients and their caregivers, with the aim of providing support and information throughout treatment using an advanced cell therapy.

In addition, they explained the processes involved in developing an immersive platform in the healthcare space and the challenge this presented in terms of how to optimally test the usability, functionality, navigation, and content. Finally, they outlined how they delivered the research findings in a similar environment to provide Janssen with the insights they needed to improve the platform and ‘humanise’ the experience.

Overall, their presentation demonstrated that it is necessary for market research itself to keep up with digital innovation in order to optimise the results of the technology being tested.

If you were unable to attend the virtual conference but would like to find out more about our presentation, please fill in the below form.

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