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MedTech Qualitative Specialist joins Research Partnership

August 9, 2021

Scott K

We are delighted to announce that Scott Kirklin has joined the company as a Qualitative Research Director. Based in the US, Scott has over 22 years of qualitative market research and account management experience in MedTech. He has worked with most of the Top 25 firms in the healthcare industry and is recognised as a resourceful moderator and qualitative expert in areas such as diagnostics, sophisticated consumables, user-centric technologies/delivery systems and system-wide software solutions.

Head of the MedTech Division, Sabera Hyderally said of his appointment, “I am delighted to welcome Scott to the MedTech Division. He brings a wealth of experience, deep knowledge and fresh ideas and I’m excited to partner with a researcher of his calibre as we continue our tremendous growth globally."

Speaking about the appointment, Founding Director Mary Assimakopoulos said, “We are very pleased that Scott has chosen to join Research Partnership. The MedTech Division has seen considerable growth under Sabera’s leadership and Scott’s appointment further cements the strength of our senior team.”

Previously Scott worked for KJT Group as their Director of Qualitative Services.

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