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Mandira Kar joins as Research Director

November 20, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Mandira Kar has joined Research Partnership as a Qualitative Research Director. Mandira is an expert in ethnography with over 15 years’ experience in market research, and joins us from Ipsos Healthcare Ethnography. She has previously worked in a wide range of research industries including consumer and digital and has experience in many global markets, especially emerging markets, having lived and worked for a number of years in India.

Mandira-KarSpeaking about her appointment, Mandira said, “I’ve identified four areas where I am very keen to add value to our clients’ business challenges. The first is in the clinical setting, where ethnography can reveal invaluable insights about the customer and the customer experience of pharmaceutical and medical device products. The second is with patients, helping clients get a much deeper understanding of the patient journey and burden of disease. Thirdly, in global health, where large social programmes driving behaviour change require a special understanding of the social and cultural norms and indigenous health seeking attitudes. And finally, I can offer semiotic analysis, to support the development of product format, packaging and communications to strengthen brand identity and optimise brand performance.”

Commenting on her appointment, co-Founding Director Mary Assimakopoulos commented, “We are very pleased to welcome Mandira to the team. Her specialist expertise will be a great asset to the Qualitative Centre of Excellence, which aims to stay at the forefront of best practice and innovation.”

Mandira is based at the company’s headquarters in London.

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