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Events: Intellus Worldwide Summit 2018

April 17, 2018

We are delighted to be presenting and exhibiting at the Intellus Worldwide Summit in Philadelphia, USA from 6th-8th May. Representing Research Partnership at the event are US President, Harriet Kozak, and Emerging Markets Director, Rachel HowardIntellus Worldwide Summit 2018

PBIRG and PMRG recently joined forces to create Intellus Worldwide. This is the first Summit since the merger so we have high expectations for an exciting event. With the industry focus increasingly on patient centricity, it is apt that they have chosen to name it “7 billion voices”.

In keeping with the theme of the Summit, Emerging Markets Director, Rachel Howard, will be presenting the paper ‘Patient Power as a Force for Change in Emerging Markets’ on Tuesday 8th May from 3-3:35pm in Franklin room 2, level 4. In this session Rachel is debating whether we should look to emerging markets to take the lead in the delivery of a more patient-centric model, given that patients in these markets often pay for their healthcare out-of-pocket and are the only constant on their journey. As fast adopters of mobile technology, they can potentially be better supported through their smartphones than they are through their primary healthcare system. 

We’d also be delighted if you would visit us on stand 413. Harriet and Rachel will be delighted to share our current research offerings and innovations and you can try out our virtual reality headset to experience healthcare issues and VR treatment through the eyes of the patient. We will also be giving away some virtual reality headset prizes, simply place your business card in the box and if you win, we will contact you shortly after the event to send you the prize. 

Contact us today to set up a meeting with Harriet or Rachel.

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