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Events: BHBIA Winter Seminar 2022 - Meet the Influencer

December 5, 2022

BHBIA-RapportOn Friday 2nd December, Director Paul Reed and Associate Director Basil Feilding  attended and presented a paper at the BHBIA winter seminar in London. This year, the event theme was 'Meet the Influencer … channels that are changing your customer’s behaviour'.

Over the course of the morning’s business session, attendees heard from a range of speakers who delivered different perspectives on the area of ‘influence' in healthcare by discussing their experience of influence in today’s pharmaceutical marketplace.

Paul and Basil presented the paper 'Healthcare influencers - strategy for identifying, listening and engaging'. Drawing on their own wide experience of incorporating influencers into research projects they shared approaches to consider deploying to ensure diverse, yet valid, input from influencers when using them to help answer important BI questions. The session was rounded off with a live Q&A session.

Click here to read our latest pharmaphorum deep dive: 'The rise of patient influencers: What are the opportunities for pharma?'

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