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Events: BHBIA Virtual Conference 2021 round-up

May 27, 2021

BHBIA-RapportWe were delighted to present an online panel at this year’s BHBIA Virtual Conference. Associate Director Vicki Newlove hosted ‘Leading Perspectives: Digitalisation and the Future of Healthcare’, a live thought-leadership debate on Tuesday 11th May.

During the panel, representatives from all corners of the industry joined Vicki to debate the key issues of the day and discussed what they really thought about digital healthcare. Joining her were Andrew Adams - Business and Customer Excellence Director at Ipsen UK & Ireland, Jason Bonnett - Head of Marketing (General Medicines) at Sanofi UK & Ireland, and Dr. Amit Arora, an Ocular Oncologist based in London, UK.

If you were unable to attend the virtual conference, fill in the below form to access a recording.

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Watch our BHBIA Virtual Conference panel

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