Research Partnership welcomes Misti Paul as Analytics Director

September 25, 2018

Research Partnership is pleased to welcome Misti Paul, who recently joined the company as Analytics Director.

MistiPaulMisti has over 16 years’ experience in statistical modelling and market research. Before joining Research Partnership, Misti headed up her own advanced statistical consultancy firm Advanced Analytics, providing statistical modeling and consulting services to global pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. She specialised in the areas of merger and acquisition modelling, segmentation, new product development, conjoint methodologies and other analytical techniques.

Prior to setting up Advanced Analytics, Misti worked at marketRx (now Cognizant) where she was responsible for developing innovative methodologies and leading highly complex and sophisticated statistical analyses. Misti has also worked in the marketing science teams for several leading market research agencies in both the US and UK.

Commenting on her appointment, Quantitative Director Karen Swords, said “We are delighted to welcome Misti to Research Partnership. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge on advanced analytics and we look forward to her supporting the Quantitative Centre of Excellence team.”

Paula Coyle has also recently re-joined as a Director, working in the European division. Paula had worked for Research Partnership for over 10 years before venturing client-side to work in the insights team for consumer brand Dyson. Founding Director Mary Assimakopoulos said “Fortunately for us the consumer world could not compete with healthcare. We are delighted to welcome Paula back to Research Partnership.”

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