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UX beyond the website: Insights for the age of omnichannel

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Complete the form below to watch the 30-minute webcast, in which research experts, Liza Pliss and Emily Hoffman, share their top tips for building and testing more complex digital assets. They also present a case study of a recent project in which they assessed the need for a PSP Portal.

User experience (UX) research has historically applied to brand websites. However, it is now essential for pharma companies to connect with physicians and patients across a range of digital platforms, in support of a broader, more personalized omnichannel engagement strategy.

At Research Partnership, we have considerable experience in evaluating a range of digital assets (such as mobile apps and password-protected portals) to ensure they effectively meet HCP and patient needs. We have developed rigorous research approaches to help pharma companies identify and develop effective digital platforms with the right messages to reach their target customers, increase customer engagement and produce desired results.

Key takeaways

  • Discover key trends in the current digital channel landscape
  • Understand the research process required to effectively launch a range of complex digital assets
  • Learn about our predictions for the future of ‘beyond the website’ digital assets

Watch the webcast.

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