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RP and Janssen awarded runner-up in the EphMRA MR Excellence Awards

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We are delighted to announce that an entry submitted by Janssen and Research Partnership for the 2019 EphMRA MR Excellence Awards has been awarded runner-up in the ‘Business Impact through Innovation’ category. The category, sponsored by Adelphi, is awarded for demonstrating innovation, which has had a real and significant business impact.

The joint submission ‘Using facial analysis to uncover deeper reactions to pharmaceutical communication materials’ demonstrated how Research Partnership and Janssen used one of the latest innovations in healthcare market research, facial analysis, to gain a detailed understanding of physicians’ emotional reactions to an e-detail aid. Combined with traditional questioning techniques and follow-up interviews, this innovative methodology generated an extra layer of insights above traditional testing, strengthening confidence in the research. Findings from the study provided Janssen with the insights they needed to optimise the e-detail aid.

The entry was co-authored by Sarah Fletcher, EMEA Market Research Manager at Janssen, and Research Partnership’s Richard Head, Director. Sarah commented, “I very much liked the facial recognition tool Research Partnership used. I found it truly innovative and groundbreaking in the sense that it is not just a gimmick, but really adds value.” The judges remarked, “This was an innovative approach which was felt to add value specifically in terms of the emotional response to the e-detail”.

Richard commented, “We are thrilled to have been awarded runner-up in the EphMRA awards, particularly in this category because innovation is at the forefront of Research Partnership’s values. Five years ago, we established our Innovation Institute to inspire continuous advancement in healthcare market research and encourage our researchers to pioneer new innovations. That we are now being recognised is fantastic.”

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all of the winners on their achievements. Awarded by EphMRA, the Market Research Excellence Awards highlight the best examples of the pharmaceutical market research industry and enable members to showcase their expertise.

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